Sunday, February 8, 2009

goodbye rashdan

its saturday morning..
syahir aizat and his friends are participating in the futsal challege..
i went and watch them play in their first game..
dkt padang ukm je pun. =)

its not that early...
but i'm still kinda sleepy when he picked me up from my college..
so...back from watching them play...
i continue to zZzZzZzZzzzZzz~

oh ya...chetot is coming this afternoon..
just to send rashdan off at the airport..
he's going to australia to further his studies in accountancy maybe?
good for you lah bro~

first...ispa dgn dabak kate nk dtg juga..
tp x jadi pun..
since chetot is coming...ajak dina juge...
and its a coincidence that dina is outside...
so we met dina at the bandar tasik selatan station..
and bought the klia transit tickets..
its rm26.50 one way....(ergh~)
xpe2..demi rashdan.. =)
it took about 30++ mins to reach klia from bandar tasik selatan..

i met my dear syahir aizat at klia..
miss him already..
aduhai...obses nye saye..
atuk...halimie...zaid...bulat..pun dtg jugak...
hehe...rashdan dah potong rmbut. =)

he checked in bout 9.30 pm..
after sending him off...we went to mcD for dinner...
(just this time je okay kite mkn mcD.pasni x mkn dah)
and the three of us had to rush because we need to catch the ktm back to bangi
the last train is at 11.30pm maybe..(i thought the last train is at 11pm)
agak cuak kalo terlepas tren..

smpi ukm pun dah dekat pkl 1 am
kami balik ukm naik teksi..
'pakcik' taxi tu gatal betol...
nasib baik kami bertiga...aduhai..
naik teksi pun ade midnite price ke?
midnite pun midnite la 'pakcik'..
janji kami selamat sampai...

dina,alia,chetot,adan,syahir aizat,atok,limie,zaid,bulat

mereka poyo!

+dina dgn tittot+

yeay~ i mish you chetot!~

sape kate kalo x rapat xleh anta kwn kat airport bile die nk fly?
byebye adan~
(aku tau kau xkn bace blog aku)


syahir aizat said...

erk~ kasi org no. teksi pakcik tu~ =p
hehehe~ really have a nice time with u at klia..
next time.. maybe dah tak fun.. sebab...

izzati amirah said...

ek ele!
ngorat la lg pak ck taxi tuu..
mne tau dpt free ke..