Tuesday, February 17, 2009

its harder for me

datelines need to be met in just a few weeks.
hell they dont even start a thing on the assignment yet.
the assignment is about "Global Freemasonry".
and yup..i didnt know anything about it..
nothing at all...

i think my english is getting worse.
i just couldnt write properly..
what more to talk perfectly.
moreover..the articles and informations regarding to the assignment are all in english.
and still need to be translated into bahasa..
oh my god..
translating english to bahasa is more difficult..
its about finding the right words...the right terms..
i would rather translate bahasa to english..

last friday..
i attended abm's extra class that night..
i was pretty sick~
sorry for making all the noise back there.
*cough cough*
this one group.
this girl presented her points in english
but her pronounciation on this particular word is not correct.
then the lecturer corrected her by telling the right pronounciation.
and he said
"that's why i think english is stupid, because if you pronounce it wrongly, u will look stupid"

ohhh okay~
we cant blame the languange~

now i'm starting to learn english just like the old times.
read the article..
put the dictionary beside the laptop.
a small note book..
words i dunt understand...i look into the dictionary and jot it into my little note book
just like when i was small~
back then...every weekend..
mum would ask us to read english books..
any books and we all have our own vocabulary notebook..
words we dont understand..we would jot it down..

hope by doing that i could improve my vocab.~


izzati amirah said...

jgn rsau. smua ade mslh bahasa.
especially in english language.
aku terpakse lalui proses yg sme. in fact, i hve to do it most of the time, not just during weekend.
bak kate org pandai, blaja sampai mati.

u know who am i~ said...

die dah jadi pelupe kot??
dun worry syg~
i know u r smart~
tekun2~ =)