Friday, May 15, 2009

bengkel kesenian ukm 2009

the workshop was held from 9th to 13th of may 2009...
and yeah...i came a day late bcause i went to MIHAS on sunday..
the workshop comprises of 4 catagories which is seni tampak..seni muzik..seni tari..and seni teater...
i dunt know what's the exact purpose of this workshop =P
datang aje lahh..
as long as there's free food and transportation..

rabu malam haritu laa malam last utk persembahan sume..
overall...this workshop is really a beneficial especially for beginners..
from this workshop also i realized my weaknesses..
its not that i dunt know how to count the beat..
but i tend to drag/accelerate the beat..
urgh~ and i usually got lost during practice just bcause i lost count of the beat..
main mcm x ikut tempo lah..~
but thankfully during performance i played quite well but not perfect..
harap2 terpilih utk konsert diraja akan datang..huhu

bengkel kesenian ni best jugak la..
sbb ade geng kan.and sume mentors tu dah kenal and penah join in the last ipt band comp..seronok jugak..
practice started from 8.45-11.45am..and then lunch..
then continue practice after zohor prayers..until around 5pm..and sambung balik pas maghrib smpi malam~
the songs we get is not that easy lah...well,not for me~
freshly composed just for the workshop i think~
there's about 15-20 new songs...but we just performed 5 songs..
the chosen songs are bahtera merdeka,besame mucho,never on sunday,malamku bermimpi and empat dara..

dah abes bengkel ni mmg penat lahh~
huhu...sorry dear..these past few days i dunt have much time to spend for you..
but thanx for accompanying me during those nights.. =)
glad that i have you by my side always...
and sorry sorry sorry too for all the wrong doings i've done..huhu
sorry =(

contemporary dance

clarinet line~

release tension after a long long day~ 
and of course laa aku yg paling pendek!
+snap snap!+

msti lah yg tgh tu paling hensem~ =P

yeah YOU!


ur hubby said...

heee.. cian die penat~=)
mesti best kalo dpt tgk die main~
hopefully u enjoy urself~ =)

p/s: hehehe gambar die comel2 la~ =)

Anonymous said...

kak alia

a'ah.. yup..
t sya g pasum..
25 aribln ni..