Thursday, May 21, 2009

i just dont get it

i really dunt get it..
why are you suddenly mad at me..
i know..i know..
but then when i said i'm done..
u asked me to continue doing the thing that i'm not doing nemore..

and now u said that i never cared?
am i really not that understanding?
sorry then...
everything happened is my fault..
everything happened as if i started it first..

when i didnt tell you what is it about..
and u called me dishonest..
ape ni....i really dunt get what is it that you want... =/
and sorry for not being understanding enough

atleast you can go somewhere to take ur mind off this..
but i'm stuck here..
take care then..
love you still... *sigh*


amira + adnan = gLam mirad said...

pe Lagi probLem nie???
need 2 Let me know ur story??

Urutoraman K said...


nape ni?

btw, cantik layout. macam member aku nye blog kat paperme.

Irsya said...

kamu...jgn sedeyh2
it's normalwhen you away from him.. dia akan mengalami perasaan cemburu y melampau... ingat..jealous means? pepandailah...

cheh.... cakap macam berpengalaman je... huhuhu

[aLia-nL] said...

biase lah..
kadang2 bnde kecik pun bleh jadi masalah..

eyh alep..
msti ahh mcm kwn kau pnye..
sbb aku amik from net nih..
len laa kalo aku reti wat sndiri

yeah mirad..
sumtimes i wanted to call you and tell u everything..
tp xpe lah..
biar aku handle sndiri =)