Monday, March 15, 2010

i'm back.and confused.

i'm back.sun-burnt.and confused! compilation dari beberapa benda yg dah sepatutnya dipost dari beberapa minggu lepas.
as you all know.(if you have been checking on my facebook lah)
cuti yg lepas kami telah buat gathering yang tak seberapa nak gather di sunway lagoon
berkat memakai sunblock takat spf 30, dapatlah jugak kurangkn terkena dari direct uv.
hey.korang sume tahu kan skang ni kite dah terdedah kepada direct uv??
well...the ozone layer has getting thinner.and even at some places.mmg dah takde ozone layer langsung~
frequent outdoor activities lately made me dark!

sunway lagoon! oh.mmg berjemur dari siang smpi petang! huraahhh~ ;P

trip to kuala gandah organized by zoology students.haa.seperti yang korg lihat dlm gambar.i wore short-sleeved shirt ait? mmg tgn akan sunburnt, termasuk muka.hoho.and skang muka pun dah berbintik2.harap2 takkan ada jeragat =(( oh oh! best sgt gi kuala gandah and deerland~~ dikerumuni oleh banyak banyak banyak sgt rusa~ especially when you have tapioca shoots with you.they will all come and surround you! dekat deerland, is the only place i've ever been that allows you to touch and pat the sunbear! omg! i've always loved the sunbear.heee~ comel sgt~ kasi beruang tu makan keropok nnt die jilat2 tangan kite.seronok nye~

this pic on the left is when i fed siput with nuts.i bought the less fat ones.haha.alasan x munasabah jugak kalo nk kasi gajah mkn kacang mcm takpe.tak kisah.nk kasi gajah tu diet juga~ =P
first2 kasi makan mmg geliiiii~ haha.syahir ijat.nnt kite gi zoo tak takut nak kasi makanan kat haiwan dah~ ekekekeke. XD
oh btw, i never thought that elephants have furs? i mean very rough furs.furs ke? bulu2 kasar la.macam berus pun ade.haha.baru tau yg die ade bulu2~~ tp too bad, tak dapat nak naik gajah.priority is given to zoology students only =(

okay.enough of me as an on the other side. no more animals.but more on the environment.this pic was taken on last weekend (13th march)when we (alia,faraheen,adib) participated in a program called 'Beach CleanUp'.hey kawan2.please dont litter when you go to public places such as the beach okay.i know you guys are clever enough not to litter around right? sanggup ke korang berkhemah n mandi laut dlm longgokan sampah sarap? euw.dirty~ dlm gmbr tu mmg x nmpk dah my face.gila dah terbakar~~ haha.please educate people around you also, friends and the environment~ love nature! thanx to Bernard because he coincidently sent a msg through fb and invite me to join this i-club.and then only he knew that he got the wrong Alia.huhu.but thanx anyway~ ;) and now my whole body is aching~ juga dpt join activity2 mcm ni =) i sure will join this kind of activity again~

smpi hati adib kate aku dah hitam! hahaha.i hope my repair mechanism is efficient enough to repair all those mutated genes due to the exposure of direct sunlight ;) oh.i almost forget.kenapa confuse ye? just came back from lab actually.TDR (teknologi DNA rekombinan). seriously.i'm confused~ mcm mana nk kira jumlah DNA ni sebenarnya?? org ni ckp lain.yg ni ckp lain pula.haiyoh.... =( whatever it is...i hope later i'll find out how exactly to calculate them.seronok juga.sbb kumpulan kami dapat DNA genome dari gel agaros.byk kumpulan lain yang tak dapat.weee~ that means our pipetting is much better now~ and most probably there are less or no errors during the preparation. ;) oh final exam is in few weeks time.good luck people.jgn lupa study ok? all the best to you guys out there~ till then.take care~ ;)

with lots of love,


yanalililala said...

kenapa kita macam tak perasan alia dah gelap.hoho

[aLia-nL] said...

haha.yeke yana~ dah gelap la =P

Anonymous said...


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