Monday, March 29, 2010

never tired of waiting.

we may be an ordinary person.
we may come from ordinary families.
we may have ordinary backgrounds.
but our love was far than ordinary.EXTRAORDINARY.
or perhaps its AWESOME. doesnt matter right?

sorry syahir ijat..i cant be with you on ur birthday.
so..happy belated birthday to you my sweetheart =)
semoga panjang umur and dimurahkan rezeki selalu~
and also kesihatan yang berpanjangan. ;)
really wish that we can celebrate it together.
tapi sempat satu je kan =)
takpe la...maybe after 5 or 7 years nnt dapat la celebrate same2.

we never get tired of waiting..
waiting for each other.
i love you syahir ijat.sangat2.
yang penting...semoga syahir ijat bahagia disamping org2 yg tersayang~

i hope my 'present' will reach to you safely syg...........pos pun mcm tak betul je...
harap sangat sangat selamat sampai....nah....gmbr bawah ni clue~ ;)
From Malaysia....with L.O.v.E

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