Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AbgLong's 28th Birthday.


anyway, to entertain myself and to keep myself occupied,
i cooked for AbgLong's birthday dinner which is today, 25/4/2012.
Happy Birthday AbgLong! dah 28 tahun bila nak kawin ni?
cepat2 kawin, nanti alia boleh kawin plak (calon pun takde nak kawin mende)

planned to bake a birthday cake, but..decided to cook dishes.
so the cake is undoubtedly from Secret Recipe.
Banana Choc Cake.

First try on Pumpkin Soup.
but turns out to be too thick so i called it
Pumpkin Curry Puree.
got the recipe from Dr. Oz's website.
do you know that pumpkin is a very good cancer-fighting fruit (or vege?) because pumpkin has high content of antioxidants.
go away bad free radicals~
anyway, pumpkin pun bagus untuk ingatan.tak nak jadi pelupa makan la pumpkin banyak2.

First try One-Pot Rosemary and Thyme Chicken.
also from Dr. Oz's website.
terasa nak buat bila tengok Masterchef Australia season 3.
alhamdulillah, first attempt buat ni dah menjadi =)
and my family likes it very much.yeay berjaya!
tak susah pun nak buat roasted chicken sebenarnya.

i'm happy when my family is happy.glad that they liked what i have cooked for dinner today.
if it is like the movie Simply Irresistible, they would have felt the sorrow i felt while cooking just now.
let's just not think about it *sigh*

p/s ; people wouldn't care if you're sad.because they can't understand what you feel.


CiK GorGeouS ! said...

chef aLia makin hebak masak !! weeehooo~ me want u to cook sumthing nanti...hikkksss~

Alia Lokman said...

takde la hebat mane pun.eheh.boleh, bagi resepi aku cuba buat =)