Monday, April 18, 2011


i think i'm being so forgetful lately.
usually it happens when i was talking to someone.and then i suddenly forgot what i was saying.
more often with popoko.and he noticed though.
gosh.and he will be like.."finish up what you are going to say..or you'll forget!"

nak dijadikan cerita.tadi aku pergi bakery lepas pulangkan buku kat library.
pastu terjumpa dengan senior yang guide/assist aku untuk fyp.
dia tanya bila next paper and what paper is it.
and i just remembered one.instead of both subjects.
i was like.WTH! mcm mana boleh terlupa.dua subjek je kot.
kenapa aku sangat pelupa lately.huhu =(

one minute i know what i was saying.and the next minute i totally forget.
sometimes cant even recall them.
oh no.i dont want to get alzheimer =/ or maybe its dementia.

nanti jadi macam cerita 'a moment to remember' =(

he looks like popoko! :D

will you be my reminder whenever i forget? =(

taknak jadi pelupa.huhuhu.
dont worry.i wont forget you.nor you.nor you.or you! =)

1 comment:

popoko said...

cian die~ its ok syg~ =)
hehehe, gambar perempuan tu innocent macam syg~ XD