Sunday, April 24, 2011

WOC'11 - result

i know most of you have known the schools that made it to the finals.
good job.well done.and my full support goes to SERATAS Royal Rhapsody.
so proud of you guys~


and so..lepas sesi borak2 dengan abgngah..
ada la juga beberapa benda yang kami kesal..
haih.rasa kesian jugak kat abgngah dengan STAR.
but you guys did a great job too STARWinds.
i think you guys should have won that 'Improvement Award' least.
because i personally feel that SERATAS have past through that 'improvement' phase.
well..there's always room for impovement.

but then..i'm not an expert in this field.
so i cannot judge or tell how the judges value them.
just my personal hard feelings.
btw.congrats to all finalist.and good luck!

p/s ; bawak2 ler study tu alia oi.takkan nak jawab taugeh dalam exam nanti.

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