Saturday, December 10, 2011

the clafoutis.not.

hye peeps!

hari khamis lepas abgngah baru balik dari Sydney and surprisingly bought cherries and few boxes of strawberries.
and the cherries are quite ripe so kalau tak cepat dimakan nanti sia-sia je.
and so aku cakap awal2 yang aku nak buat cherry clafoutis.
so i put aside my portion of cherries.

asalnya aku tahu pasal clafoutis ni bila aku tengok junior masterchef Australia.
so alang-alang dah ada cherry, boleh la try buat clafoutis.
aku guna resepi dari can check the recipe if you're interested to try =)
and here's mine :

red cherries

pitted cherries simmered with butter and sugar.

pour the batter until the cherries are fully immersed or partially up to your liking.

now we bake.and wait.

cherry clafoutis.tapi tak jadi.

the taste is fair but the texture is not what i expected.
supposed the batter would turn into a soft pudding-like fillings to the cherry.
but it was my mistake because i think i put a little too much flour into the batter.
so....hasilnya jadi kental macam...entahlah..tapi yang aku tau tak jadi la clafoutis ni.*sobs*
sudahnya aku sorang je yang makan. =(

at least aku dah trial and error resepi ni and aku tahu hasil dia sepatutnya jadi macam mana.
eiii.tu la gatal nak letak tepung lebih sikit tu kenapa.uhuk.
makan sejuk2 pun sedap.rasa macam makan puding roti dengan anggur.hee.
tak jadi pun tak jadi least it is still edible.*ayat nak sedapkan hati*

ok bye! have a nice sunday~
good luck in whatever you're doing =)
never give up and always have faith in yourself!

p/s ; my little pokoks dah bertambah! i just bought myself a japanese rose.senang sikit nak jaga =)


amri said...

ada masa lg 2 la alia...kena try n error lg 2

aLia-nL said...

kena stop baking kejap abg epul, sebab dah gemuk~~ hahaha~

amri said...

mana plak alia gemuk...
abg epul tgk ok je 2...
comey2 je 2