Monday, December 19, 2011

the right path.

the right path hasn't yet to be chosen.

what do i really want to do in life?
what do i really want to be in years to come?
where do i want to be?
practitioner? academician? kuli?

life is full with unanswered questions.

am i letting go a once in a lifetime chance if i let go of this one?
what am i going to lose? what will i gain from this if i let go of the another?
is this the best thing for me?
am i capable to do it?

take your time.breath deeply.with a calm mind, layout the plans carefully.
and last but not least, always reach out to our Creator.Allah the Almighty.

InsyaAllah, Allah akan beri petunjuk.
and insyaAllah, it will be the best for you.

p/s ; galau.


popoko said...

dont be galau2 k? make a right decision syg..=) solat sunat mintak petunjuk.=) hope you will make a good one~ =)

aLia-nL said...

thanks popoko! <3