Monday, September 20, 2010

miss call or miss you?

happy 2nd anniversary alia najiah and syahir ijat!
wow.dah dua tahun? hehe.baru dua tahun~
tapi banyak sangat yang dah berlaku antara kita kan.
we've shared a lot of laughter and sadness together.
sorry i've made you went through hell while being with me.
and sorry for always making you sad.
but i'm glad that i always have you with me syahir ijat.
you make my life worth living~
and you make me feel excited to face everyday.until we are back together again.

i am thankful that i've met you.and be with you.until now..
tak pernah habis rasa terima kasih org kat sayang..(hehe!)
thank you for this 2 wonderful awesome excited years syg~
muahxXxXx~ i love you so much!
semoga hubungan kita berkekalan and diberkati~ amin~ =)

p/s : oh! ada trip to Pedas plak this saturday?! alaaa...nak pergi Sime Darby engangement programme lah! (i dont care!)


ezy eizyanie said...

happy 2nd anniversary alia najiah and syahir ijat
hope berkekalan okeh

aLia-nL said...

thanx ezy! =)