Tuesday, July 12, 2011


hey its me again.
facebook is damn boring so i just post some random stuff i do/see/think here.

as usual.we're lepaking at mcD now.(what? mcD again?) yeah.but this time its BIP mall's.
usually we go to the mcD nere our place.just 5 minutes walk.but since we're here early.
(are we going to go to Dago's mcD later dina?)
i hope not.because i'm almost sure that i'm going to buy some latte at mcCafe.
i'm caffeine-addict.i need coffee. @_@
maybe i should shift to tea.hurm.healthier.detox.boleh kurus. :D

ok ok.bukan apa.tengah dok online kat mcD doing nothing.boring.
nampak sorang plump guy doing his work with buryam (bubur ayam) and a cup of coffee.
i said to dina...........nanti kita hari-hari pergi mcD..jadi macam laki tu.
haha.adoi.tak mau.
sorry plump guy.
pergi mcD nak online saje.beli mcCafe satu! ;)

p/s ; somehow i feel awkward when thinking bout the day when we're finally going to meet.

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