Wednesday, July 20, 2011


i'm in dilemma.
to choose what is right for my future. *sigh* kena sembahyang istikharah ni.
you see...the boss has offered us to work for the company.katanye.nak cari pelapis untuk Pak Anggoro (our supervisor in Jakarta ; the head of everything).and...if we accept..we will be alternating working in Jakarta.

not that because the big boss is someone i knew like my entire life..but i can see that he is really hoping that we would accept the job. *sigh* gi mana sihh?
if i am to accept his offer...i will have practically two-in-one job.
because the 'thing' in malaysia is very very different from here in jakarta.
Malaysia ; microbiology, food science, fermentation (which i really liked ; Fermentation)
Indonesia ; mineralogy, coal & cokes, engineering, chemistry (i like the chemistry part.but not the engineering part)

kalau tak terima tawaran kerja ni.rasa macam rugi and buang masa je la sebulan kat Bandung buat latihan with LIPI semua tu.huuuu.
mum said to ask for the insurance, allowance, gaji, blablabla.
gi mana sihh..gue lagi bingung =/

wish you were here =(

p/s ; I Dump You, You Are Fat. physical appearance tak menjamin kebahagiaan.once you've learned to love will see that everything she/he have in him/her are perfect.

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siti hazirah zolkafli said...

envy u alia.....weeeeeeeee....hehehe..smg dpermudah urusan..(: