Thursday, July 8, 2010

all over again.

waiting for someone you really love might be the hardest thing.
those obstacles.those fights and arguments.all those misunderstandings.
sometimes all of these could make your heart grow bitter.
patience and love will make you go through the hard times.
even when things went wrong.we always look back to the love we used to have.

forgive.doesnt mean to forget.but enduring the mistakes we made, made us forgave.
understand more.and tolerate.and always believe that everything happens for a reason.
cherishing all the moments we had.will always make our hearts grow fonder.
looking forward to see each other.its like seeking for a little wonder.wonders of life.

thank you.and i thank GOD for the patience HE gave us.and i believe that our love is strong.
and i hope that this love will never go wrong.because togetherness is what we're after.

thank you my dear.for being such a patient man.
i know i made a lot of mistakes.but you never seem to withstand.
i love you now.and i will love you more.

and let us start our love all over again.

my little wonder.
i keep on falling in love with you, all over again my sweetheart.
p/s ; mcm seronok+sebak je gi keluar dgn syahir ijat td.hee.i am so grateful that i have you by my side syg. =) sorry i made you spent a lot of money on our date today.huhu.
so the lovetale of alia najiah and syahir aizat shall go on.......cheerios!

1 comment:

Ijat said...

i love you the most alia najiah~
muahxXx~ im sorry for everything too..
i know its been so hard for you too..=/
thanx for everything syg~ =)
thanx for waiting for me..
thanx for feeling what i feel..=)
thanx for loving me~ X)
i want to love you forever alia najiah..=)