Saturday, July 10, 2010

senior year!

hey guys.
guessed that you guys too have gone back to your colleges right?
haha.i was so sad to leave the, too tired of packing and repacking again.
now i wished that i'm studing in UM.and i can just stay at home.

kelam kabut! i forgot to bring along my teddies =(
mr.bear, turtle, devil.huhu.
i arrived quite early though.left my books at home.
maybe will bring it over next 2 weeks.
but when i checked my timetable.gosh.what a pack week.
not including the labs yet.i really hate mondays! i regret for not having my books now.

senior year huh.who would have guessed 3 years of studying would soon be over.
more pressure.more stress.more year.what do you expect?
well...i'm sure that i'm ready for it~
bring it on~ new aims.high motivation.
lets work hard and strive for better grades yah~
aiming for DL this year =)

p/s ; wannor aku benci kau sebab kau dpt tingkat 2.benci benci benci! smpi hati tinggalkan aku kat tingkat 4 ni =(


Hidayah said...

ala,die dah nak habis blaja dah ea. gud luck aL for your final year ;)

[aLia-nL] said...

thanx dayah~ ;)