Monday, July 12, 2010

saya budak tahun 3!

ok ok.i know you've seen a lot of these 'saya budak tahun 3'
but what do i care.
seems like most of my friends are excited enough to go to today's morning class.
setiap hari pun morning class except for friday.
and we have a freeeee tuesday! no labs.just one class in the morning.
a full monday and a free tuesday.great great~
our subjects this sem are quite hard.but hey.dont say you cant do it before you even try.
today is just another dull and boring day.zZzZzZz~

there seems to be a lot of things going on in ukm right now.
there's this ASEAN games.and this weekend there will be another orchestra concert.
orchestra with universities around ASEAN.
gosh..i missed a lot of these major events..
i didnt play in the konsert diraja..didnt go to Wind Orchestra.and soon will miss this ASEAN orchestra concert..not sure about convocation yet.
nampak gaya mcm terpaksa lepaskan convocation jugak.
hadoi.frust jugak.tapi nak buat macam mana? more important things to be done.
seriously..rindu nak main clarinet.rindu nak dengar bunyi-bunyian instrument.
i really miss that music atmosphere~
*i wish i can own a clarinet*

whatever it is.DFTBA!

p/s ; looking forward eagerly for this weekend! (tak sabarnyee~)
oh ya.friends who are taking biology courses or subjects.
you can look for a wide variety of reference books here --> microbehunter
sharing is caring! ;)
take care people!
love you ;)


Aida Hernita said...

haha. guess what, saya budak tahun satu. pfft. funny.

[aLia-nL] said...

haha.kau budak tahun 1 yg dibuli senior!