Tuesday, July 13, 2010

in the middle.

hey guys.
maybe some of you can have ur freedom without mum/dad worrying about you.
go wherever you want.whenever you want.whoever you want.
i am brought up by my parents by asking their permission first..
until now..i still ask my mum =)
mungkin sebab tu aku jarang keluar rumah.and prefer duduk kat rumah je.

kalo aku duk kat rumah seminggu tak keluar pun takpe =P
and i dont get bored easily by staying at home.byk benda bleh buat meh~
oh.mungkin sesetengah org cepat bosan lah kan?

ok right now,
i'm stuck in the middle of being nice and asking a favour from a friend.
of course the friend will say that they dont mind.
but i'm worried if they will think the other way about me.
mcm menyusahkan diorg ke ape.
(yeah.i care what my friends think abt what?)
this person keep telling me that she is bored.and keep asking me to bring her out.
haiyo..aku pun merancang2 la plan.mmg lah kalo ade transport sendiri.
takkan menyusahkan si kawan.tapi...... ;(

ok.its once and for all..
soon you'll make new friends and forget about me. *jgn lah mcm tu*
haha.its not illegal to be 'nice' right~
thanx si kawan.aku asik menyusahkan korg je.sigh~
i wish i can repay you.tak habis2 menyusahkan korg.errrrrr~
(malu tapi tak malu)

hurm..aku pun selalu je asik menyusahkan si pokok.
but he dont mind.yekeee~ i know you minddddd~
sigh~ bersusah2 dahulu.bersenang2 kemudian ye tak?

p/s ; oh dah sakit tekak.jangkit dari si pokok.virus pokok mane bleh jangkit manusia?


nadila binti mohammad khalid said...

alia,jgn pk pasal orang lah.. u r a nice girl.. dont worry.. =)

Ijat said...

hahahaha~ i really dont mind la syg~=D
i never mind~ heehehe~
muahxxXx~ dun be so worry k?
im sure ur friend glad to help~ =)

Eien said...

yup, im glad to help.. aku keerr??? hehehe..