Saturday, July 3, 2010

kimi&keira ;)

hey hey!

tgk gmbr pun dah tau kan..aku mmg gila tart and pastries ni.sweet tooth ;)

so.untuk birthday kimi&keira, ktorg bawa tartlets~

ktorg buat blueberry cheese tart,custard tart with sprinklers and fruit tart.
shouldnt have put them in the fridge.the pastry has turned soggy. time will try not to put in the fridge and see what'll happen.
oh ya.we bought smaller 4? last time it was 10/12.
yes.tukang masak tartlets yg kurang berjaya.
asalkan sedap masuk perut sendiri pun ok la kan?

kimi&keira birthday cakes from coffee bean!
chocolate ice cream cake.yummy~
keira's cake is full with jelly beans and marshmallow toppings~

birthday boy!
kimi durani putra =)

4th of july.tarikh yang dinanti-nantikan..
loads of luck Royal Rhapsody! make us proud and make SERATAS proud!
main elok2.tuning elok2.ahhhhhh..korang mesti boleh buat punya la.
i have faith in you guys~ ;)
Seratas Royal Rhapsody '10

p/s ; i have decided not to go to PICC tomorrow.its a sacrifice i have to make for the one i care deeply. =) sorry rhapsodians................i'll support you from far =)

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