Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the museum of broken relationships.

ever heard of the museum? awesome huh.
The museum of broken relationships.
kebetulan aku jumpa masa tengah cari sayur dalam surat khabar.hehe.

well, some says to overcome ur emotional collapse from ur failed relationship is to throw away or get rid of the things ur ex gave to you. helped in many ways though...or it will create future probs (macam aku ni)

the EX axe.
haha.lawak pulak baca kisah kapak ni.
kapel tu move in sama2.lepas dia pergi outstation for 3 weeks.bila balik awek dia dah ada GIRLFRIEND baru.cis.lesbian lah pula kan.
bila dah break up.he bought the axe and chopped off her furnitures that was left in his house.
and the remains was collected in heaps in her bedroom.bila pmpuan tu datang nak collect furniture dia.yang tinggal cuma furniture yang dah gak ni.some kind of therapy huh. handcuffs.underwear? seriously?
the molecular dog.haha.
teddies are common.but i wont give away mine.
maybe i'll just give it away to some orphanage or something.
cute kan heartbroken robot ni.hee.
bestnya kalau dapat tgk exhibition macam ni.hee.sure ada banyak barang2 unik and funny =P
p/s ; i want to keep the things you gave please dont leave with me ;(

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