Friday, November 5, 2010


thank you so much guyss for those who wished! and some even called and sang the birthday song~ know who you are ;) you guys are such a sweetheart!
first.i am surprised my childhood bestie, yana called from melbourne around 8!

and second, few mins after mum called out for me and excitedly said..
'alia,alia! ada hadiah untuk alia! ada hadiah kat luar~'
haha.chill umi.alia gi turun amik ok~

thank you so much mr.wasabi! no wonder you asked me not to bake on friday.
and my guesses are right! yeay~this is MY birthday cake~
plus.the three roses.i think it meant I LOVE YOU.auwww..
I LOVE YOU TOO sweetheart.always ;)

From Paris with LOVE ;)
tak makan lagi cake ni.terasa saaayaaang nak makaan bolehhh taaak? the best for last ;)
then later in the evening, we went to al-Rawsha, an arabic, lebanese restaurant located in Pandan Indah.near wan's house.
its our first time.the food is quite nice.the interior was superb.but the service is damn slow.but its understandable la.public holiday kan harini.dah lama tak makan makan satu family.alhamdulillah kali ni semua adik beradik ada =)
birthday girls!

thank you umi.i love you!

last but not least.thank you kawan2 sebab banyak bagi support and all.
i wish you guys the best too ok =)
p/s : thank you for the surprise made my day =) i love you so much. +hugs+

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