Wednesday, November 24, 2010

iye ke??

ahaa.aku baru baca blog mr.chatni.segala bebelan beliau.

sangat tertarik kepada quote yang beliau sertakan dalam post dia kali ni.

'makin tinggi harapan, makin tinggi kekecewaan'
(sorry ye chatni.cilok jap)

so does that mean i shouldnt put high hopes on whatever i am hoping now?
huhu.hope always fail us.but that doesnt mean totally not hoping right..
sigh...i hope..i hope...and i wish.....that my wishes would come true.
we could easily move on and leave everything behind us.
but some are not just as easy as 'moving on'.

no matter how.i am still hoping..and still believing...

i miss you.the one that was once mine. ='(


Urutoraman K said...

ayat chatni macam 'the higher you are, the harder you fall.'

anyway, bukan kau sorang je yang rasa susah nak move on. hampir semua orang rasa macam tu lah. ada yang sampai bertahun-tahun tak boleh move on.

tak salah pun nak hope/wish/wtv, tapi ade je bende yang ko boleh buat untuk buat bende yang ko wish tu untuk jadi betul-betul.

anyway, on a completely unrelated matter, bilalah exam aku nak habis ni... -_-'

Anonymous said...

it's true the higher we get, the harder we fall. we can't escape that fact. the winding road is still far and we might stumble here and there a few times. how we get back up, that's count..

aLia-nL said...

alip ; ye lah kan.there must be a way right =) hee.alaa..exam je pun. =P