Thursday, January 6, 2011


sangat susah hati.haish.kenapa la jadi macam ni =(
bila susah hati.hati terasa berat.mulut pun terasa berat nak senyum.
i can just pray and pray and wish and hope that all of this will end well.
and no more trouble.enough of this.
there's not much time left.huhu =(

i know i can! i just have to be patient.and confident.

yes.and be responsible too.

aku selalu cakap.kenape la projek aku lain daripada org lain.
tapi mungkin semua ni ada hikmah die.
work hard.and everything will be okay.

p/s ; planning on doing something exciting this weekend.and trying some new recipe as well.( tak payah la diet)

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