Monday, January 10, 2011

ze weekend!

dah lama tak jumpa rihana! since she's doing her internship in malaysia.
so boleh la we go hang out~ hee.setahun-dua tahun sekali je!

lah'lah' land fashion bazaar at ss19!

mirror mirror in the wall.whose the ugliest among them all.
(the the the..the gweeennnn one!)

choc fair yang tak berapa nak fair.

BBQ at abg rizal's

we've been buddies since 1994!

i'm stress-baking!
my first choc chip cookies.
ada satu tray biskut hangus.haha.
umi kata tahun ni kite buat kuih raya sendiri :D

p/s ; if this is what i have to pay for what i did.i just have to accept it or not, just be patient alia.

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