Monday, June 21, 2010

my sassy girl.

hey korang.aku tau cerita My Sassy Girl ni cerita korea.
tapi yang aku tgk kat astro tadi, versi English punya.
i am moved by that story actually.although i didnt watched it from the beginning.
but i get what's the story is about.
the girl in that story (Jordan) cant get over her dead fiance.
and then she met Charlie.and she wants Charlie to do exactly what her ex-fiance did to her..
but Charlie didnt know you see.and she wants Charlie to kinda replace her dead fiance..

but somehow..she realized that she would have to accept Charlie as he is.and get over her dead fiance.
she told Charlie that she needed time to be a better person for him.
and she said..if she didnt come back for him..its not that she didnt love him...
and its not that she didnt miss him..(ntah ape tah dia ckp lagi?)
bukan apa..the part that caught me is when she said...if she didnt come back for him..
maybe they are not meant to be..but if they were...let destiny decide..

hee...see~ kalo berpisah pun..tak semestinya kita takkan jumpa lagi kan.. =)
kalo ada jodoh..mungkin bukan sekarang...mungkin lagi 10 tahun kita akan jumpa lagi..
hehe..(cerita je la alia)

oh.happy 21st monthliversary to alia najiah and syahir ijat~
(eyh.kata dah break?) does this one month of separation counts?
tak kisah lah =)
i love you still syahir ijat..the same as always ;)
muahxXxXx~ harap2 hubungan kita akan berkekalan sampai bila2...

ur one of a kind baby.

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